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CBC - In Town and Out with Ashley Wright - Aired February 13th, 2010

CBC - All in a Day with Alan Neal - Aired February 19th, 2010


When I first heard Ernie Cox in Ottawa, opening for bluesman Ray Bonneville, I felt I’d come across a Dr. John who had swapped his New Orleans voodo for sanctified ecstasy. In Cox, one finds the same kind of dialectic between fervour and reserve, the same affinity for a music which is wisely stripped of the cathartic excesses too often found when white musicians ape their black counterparts. In this gorgeous album, Cox has found in these songs the dual expression of his faith and his muse.

Dominique Denis, L'Express, Toronto

[Cox] has thrilled hundreds, not only with his compelling gospel and blues singing but also with his mastery of the piano, both in dexterity and in weaving mood.

Ewart Walters, The Glebe Report, Ottawa

Rev. Cox, the minister at Ottawa’s Fourth Avenue Baptist Church at Fourth Avenue and Bank Streets, has been something of an enigma. The man just loves Black gospel music. Early evidence of this came when he, a White man, turned up playing organ for the well known Trevor Payne-led Black gospel aggregation, the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir.

The real beauty of his CD Walk In The Light, is that his superb piano playing operates as a perfect platform and companion for the message but never gets in the way. You just have to play it again and again.

Ewart Walters, The Spectrum, Ottawa